A PHP based CMS built for developers to create for clients.

Why Alba?

Welcome to Alba

What is Alba?

Alba is our (Holt Bosse) in-house Content Management System (CMS). "Alba" is also an ancient name for Scotland, and the homeland of its lead developer.

We've used multiple CMSs in the past, including big-hitters such as Wordpress, Joomla, and Sharepoint, and while they all have their pros and cons, none of them can be all things to all people - and neither can Alba! - but it can be exactly what we need to deliver for our clients.

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Why would you choose Alba? 

It's probably easier to say why you wouldn't choose Alba, since we believe there are many compelling reasons to do so.

  • You have familiarity / user base tied to existing CMS
  • You require a plugin / solution only available via another CMS / platform
  • You require complex multi-lingual solutions

If speed, flexibility, and accessibility are among your primary goals, then Alba can provide a platform for the solution to your business needs.

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